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Digital and Information Skills

Digital and Information Skills

工作 in partnership between the 图书馆 Liaison Team and academic colleagues to provide support for education with information and digital literacies

Digital and information literacies development

Newcastle University 图书馆 is committed to developing our students’ digital and information literacies to equip them for their time at University and beyond. Our 图书馆 Liaison Team collaborates with academic staff on the most appropriate ways to integrate information literacy skills in the curriculum, helping us to offer relevant and timely skills teaching.

Supporting student learning

Find out how the Liaison Team can work with you to embed teaching and online materials within the curriculum.

What I like the most is the fact that you tailor the approach and content of the lecture to fit the module and specific assessment. It is great for students, as they can directly relate their preparation activities to this and use the lessons learned.