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Ensure attribution for any data you reuse and your own datasets.

Citing data you reuse

Make sure dataset creators receive appropriate credit for their work, just as you would for other research outputs.

的 DataCite initiative is creating standards in this field. Where available, include any unique identifier, e.g. DOI, for the data. Where a DOI or citation isn’t provided, apply best efforts by including authors, 一年, 数据的标题, 版本, publisher and identifier.

的 Digital Curation Centre have created guidance on citing physical data

Citing your own data

Whether you have primary or a modified 版本 of secondary data, you should include a link to this data within research outputs. This is often called a data access statement and many funders and journals require this.

Undertaking this activity will add datasets to the repositories outlined and allow reuse where possible. Ultimately this is for the benefit of everyone as it speeds up research and increases the efficiency of collected data.