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A data management plan (DMP) is a formal document that outlines how your data will be looked after during the lifetime of your research project and beyond.  

The content of a data management plan will vary but you will typically be asked to provide information about: 

  • the volume and type(s) of data you will generate 
  • how you will ensure that your data is well organised and adequately documented 
  • how you will make sure that your data is ethically and legally compliant 
  • where your data will be stored and backed up during the lifetime of the project 
  • how you will preserve your data and make it available for others to reuse (where appropriate) in the long term 
  • who will be responsible for looking after your data during and after the project and what resources will be needed


To help you start to develop a DMP we have created templates roughly based on the core research areas in each faculty. These can help frame the project’s approach to data management and can be uploaded to ePortfolio.  

This DMP template can be used if your research project is more materials based or with minimal digital data requirements.