The support and wellbeing service provides information, advice and guidance to help all students to maximise their potential.当您需要时,我们还提供免费的24/7支持.

Urgent help




如果你担心 你的安全或感觉有伤害自己的危险,您需要立即获得帮助.

如果你觉得 生命危在旦夕, you should call 999 or go to Accident and Emergency at the nearest hospital.

当地医院 位于:

  • 医院Permai, Persiaran Kempas Baru, Kempas Banjaran, 81200 Johor Bahru, Johor
  • 医院Sultanah Aminah, Jalan Abu Bakar, Masjid Sultan Abu Bakar, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor
  • 医院苏丹伊斯梅尔, Jalan Mutiara Emas Utama, Taman Mount Austin, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor
  • 哥伦比亚大学亚洲医院, Persiaran Afiat, Taman Kesihatan Afiat, 79250 Nusajaya, Johor
  • 梅迪尼·柔佛格伦伊格尔斯医院, 2, Jalan Medini Utara 4, 79250 Nusajaya, Johor, Malaysia.

If you are a member of staff and are concerned about a student, 请参阅我们的紧急非工作时间流程图.


校园突发事件, and if you are worried about your own safety or the safety of a fellow student:

打电话给NUMed校园保安 on 07 555 3881 (每天24小时,每周7天).

加班期间(17.30 - 8.30 on weekdays and all day at weekends and holidays), you may also call the NUMed每日高级警官紧急电话 on +6011 1231 1276



The Befrienders offer confidential emotional support through a helpline and email service.

Our teams


We have a 学生支持团队 由学生事务主任领导 田园/福利支持 for students who may have personal circumstances or non-academic issues that are affecting their overall performance, and who will assist you to find whatever support you need.

学生支持小组也提供 一对一学习技能支持.


We have a registered counsellor who provides counselling to students struggling with emotional life concerns that cause unmanageable emotional or psychological distress.


A team of English language lecturers provides 英语语言支持 for students.

Contact us

电话:+ 607 5553800

Email: student.support@ncl.edu.my


当你进入大学,你会被分配到一个 个人导师 (适用于BMS和基础课程学生)或 学术导师 (黑带大师的学生). This is a member of staff who acts as your first point of contact with the university, and they can provide you with any information or advice that you may need throughout the year.

The role of the 个人导师 or 学术导师 is to facilitate your academic, 专业和个人成长. They will be a point of support and offer advice and guidance in relation to your progress on the course and help you in developing personal development plans to support your learning.



大学致力于提供 同伴指导 to all undergraduate students entering their degree course. The aim of 同伴指导 is to enable all students to make a smooth transition to their programme of study, 成功融入大学生活. The mentoring scheme takes place over the first semester. Through direct access to the advice and support of a more experienced peer, 对新生给予学业上的支持, 社会和文化.


We aim to help students get the most from their time at the university and to maximise their academic success by providing 田园/福利支持, 咨询和心理健康残疾支助, and facilitating access to specialist mental health care.



The 学生支持团队 provides 牧领或福利支持 for students who may have personal circumstances or non-academic issues that are affecting their overall performance.


Students struggling with emotional life concerns that cause unmanageable emotional or psychological distress may seek support from a NUMed counsellor. 

在必要的时候, a student may be referred to an external service provider for specialist mental health care. This is done through an occupational health referral process that is managed by the Dean of Student Affairs.


如果你有长期的精神健康问题, 有最近的医学证据支持, you may be able to access reasonable adjustments and support to help you engage in your studies. This could include liaising with your academic programme about student support recommendations and also with the examinations’ office regarding 额外的考试安排.

If you are applying to study at 太阳2首页大学医学院马来西亚分校 and have a 长期心理健康状况 for which you may require support while studying, 请联系 学生支援组/学生事务主任 在开始课程之前. Advice, information and guidance are available at all stages of your university career.

您可以通过电子邮件联系团队 student.support@ncl.edu.my.

了解更多关于 support and advice for students with long-term mental conditions.

了解更多关于 额外的考试安排.


Please feel free to download our digital support leaflets.




Centre for Clinical Interventions – self-help resources

A self-help site addressing a wide variety of problem areas, 包括抑郁症, anxiety, panic, worry, self-esteem, 拖延症, assertiveness, 睡眠和饮食问题.

下面是一些关键工作簿的链接, which consist of a number of modules you can work through in your own time:


Support is available to students with disabilities and long-term medical conditions. 条件包括:

  • 看不见的长期健康状况 – eg, epilepsy, diabetes, migraines, severe asthma, arthritis, 囊性纤维化, cancer, HIV, 慢性疲劳综合症, 肠易激综合症
  • 物理条件 – may use mobility equipment such as a wheelchair or crutches on a regular basis, 或者这可能每天都在变化
  • 感觉条件 – eg, visual or hearing impairment, autism spectrum condition
  • 具体的学习困难 -例如,阅读障碍,运动障碍,计算障碍,多动症
  • 长期心理健康状况 -如焦虑、抑郁


Contact us

电话:+ 607 5553800
Email: student.support@ncl.edu.my