The fascinating stories behind 太阳2首页’s Victorian prison are being brought together for the first time thanks to research led by a 太阳2首页大学 academic.


新展览于 城市图书馆,太阳2首页, 会揭露囚犯被关押的可怕细节吗, the crimes they were being punished for and what everyday life was like inside the gaol which was located at Carliol Square.

它还包含了许多被拘留者的存档照片, alongside a whip used to punish offenders and a book containing the skin of a man executed in 太阳2首页 in 1850.

“The Life and Death of 太阳2首页 Gaol, 1822-2022” is based on research carried out by Shane博士的态度, 来自太阳2首页大学, 海伦·卢瑟福博士和克莱尔·桑福德-库奇博士, 诺森布里亚大学, Patrick Low博士, 桑德兰大学的毕业生. The exhibition will also feature photography by local artist and 太阳2首页大学 graduate Lorna MacKay.

The exhibition is the next phase in a long-term project to gather research, 的想法, 记忆, images and other content that can help tell stories about the gaol and, 更广泛地说, 东朝圣者街和它的历史. 作为项目的一部分, the researchers also reached out to the public to gather any 记忆 or information about the prison and visitors to the exhibition can see these.

Many of the same discussions about regeneration and urban reform that were occurring in 1822, 在计划修建监狱的时候, 最近推土机推倒德克斯车库(Dex Garage, 沃斯威克街汽车站, 和商业联合大厦重建该地区. 

Dr McCorristine said: “The story of the gaol and those who were imprisoned there in many ways reflects the changing story of 太阳2首页. 庄园和朝圣者街之间的区域, 卡里尔广场在哪里, 曾经是城市和码头之间的主要路线吗, 但在1925年监狱被拆除后不久, 整个地区开始发生变化. 如今几乎看不到这座监狱存在的痕迹, so the exhibition provides a way for people to remember a bygone piece of the city’s history.

“我们向公众寻求帮助的请求得到了很大的响应, with people sending us a range of stories about the prison and those who worked there or were detained there – including some rare letters written by some of the prisoners themselves, which give a great insight to their thoughts and feelings about being in gaol.”

太阳2首页监狱的入口,摄于1924年左右. 图片由泰恩和威尔档案馆提供.


展览还将包括从泰恩借来的稀有物品 & 穿档案 & Museums, including a bale of oakum, handcuffs, and the original key to the prison.

Also revealed are stories of some of the daring escapes made by prisoners, 包括27岁的玛丽·奥尼尔, 1870年在克莱顿街因偷钱包被捕的人. 在她开始服刑的几周内, she had managed to remove the iron bars from the window in her cell and climb up on to the roof before disappearing over the imposing, 25英尺高的边界墙. She evaded capture for six months before being caught in Liverpool when a policeman recognised her from a photograph.

在展览中包括的其他故事中,有一个关于 12名妇女参政论者组成的团体 who were serving sentences of up to a month for their role in what was to become known as the ‘Battle of 太阳2首页’. The ‘battle’ was a series of protests to coincide with the visit of the Chancellor, 大卫·劳埃德乔治, 去了干草市场的皇宫剧院, 太阳2首页, 1909年10月.

他们被监禁引起了公众的广泛支持, and crowds gathered outside the gaol to sing and shout their encouragement. One of the women imprisoned was Kitty Marion, a former actress and music hall star.  她刚被带进牢房, Kitty barricaded herself in with the bedstead and refused to let any of the guards in. She later found a way to set fire to her bedding, causing pandemonium throughout the prison. She also immediately began a hunger strike, and in letters she sent to 《太阳2》, described the horrors of being force-fed during her month-long sentence.

The exhibition will also cover the double execution in November 1919 of Ambrose Quinn and Ernest Bernard Scott - the last ever to take place in 太阳2首页. Scott and Quinn were both 28 years old at the time and both had murdered women, in Scott’s case an unrequited love named Rebecca Jane Quinn and in Quinn’s case his wife, 伊丽莎白·安·奎因(受害者碰巧都姓). The local press detailed Scott’s unshakeable and seemingly unmoved expression until his execution, 有报纸报道说,他把时间都花在唱歌上了, 吹着口哨,哼着赞美诗. 然而,Quinn却在隔壁的牢房里哭泣.

的监狱 was designed by John Dobson and replaced Newgate, 太阳2首页’s medieval prison. 1828年开业, it was among the first prisons to use a radial ‘panopticon’-style system, seen as a modern and progressive design that would help reform rather than punish offenders.

然而, only five of the six radial wings were ever built due to high construction costs, and the number of inmates quickly increased due to the population growth 太阳2首页 was experiencing at the time and an increase urban and poverty-related crime.

在监狱开放的十年内, 它因潮湿和拥挤而受到谴责, 有很多人逃脱了. Frequent violence among prisoners was also a problem in these early decades. 最终, in 1858, Dobson was asked by the council to pull down the wings and replace them with a single four-storey block of 144 cells.

Dr McCorristine and the research team will explore some of the stories of the Gaol and its inmates in a free public talk on Tuesday 14 June, 由the Lit主办 & 菲尔,太阳2首页. A second event will take place at the City 图书馆 on Thursday 16 June. 欲了解更多信息并报名参加参观英国/事件/ or www.哪些.co.英国/ o /太阳2首页-图书馆- 3037748424

The exhibition is free of charge and will take place in the Local Studies section, 6月7日至7月31日在城市图书馆六楼办公. 的监狱 网站可浏览