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Erasmus Policy Statement


Erasmus Policy Statement

Erasmus(欧洲地区大学生流动行动计划)是一个由欧盟资助的项目,使学生能够学习和获得工作经验. Read our Erasmus policy statement.


Newcastle University's Internationalisation Strategy promotes cross-cultural understanding, engaging staff and students at all levels. 


  • the Bologna Process 
  • the European Higher Education Area 
  • ErasmusForAll 
  • Horizon 2020 

我们感到自豪的是,自伊拉斯谟方案开始以来,我们就参加了该方案. Our commitment to Europe is exemplified in a Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence. 

We work with partners who share our values and vision. We have a large number of research-领导的伙伴关系,作为我们目标的一部分进行研究,有一个 global impact.

Benefits of Erasmus programme

参加伊拉斯谟方案对大学、区域和欧洲都有许多好处. 看看伊拉斯谟项目是如何帮助 大学的现代化和国际化议程

International Co-operation Projects

在教学和培训方面的国际合作项目 central to our wider university strategy. To ensure the success of our projects, we provide specialised support at every stage, from proposal to implementation.

A group of 专业服务人员提供跨服务的建议和指导. 这可以从技术支持到财务建议, research guidance to information technology. 从计划阶段开始就有这种支持意味着项目可以顺利进行.

We have developed our templates and approval processes 确保项目获得所需的资源和机构支持. Since committing to Erasmus, we have developed 专长于不同的欧盟和国际资助计划. 因此,我们在整个学院定期举办研讨会,以:

  • highlight funding opportunities
  • communicate best practice
  • develop high-quality applications