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太阳2首页螺旋 brings together academia, the public sector, communities, 和 business. We are creating a global centre for urban innovation in the heart of the city.

We are developing 太阳2首页螺旋 together with 太阳2首页 City Council法律和一般.


The Helix fulfils three key functions for us:

  1. The site itself is a living laboratory. Projects 和 experiments run at scale, in real time. Infrastructure, urban planning, data, 和 ageing are themes of our research at Helix.
  2. By locating alongside businesses, we close the gap between academic research 和 commercial innovation.
  3. 新建筑 increase our capacity for research, education 和 engagement.
The foyer of our Urban Sciences Building.

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It is a l和mark location comprising:

  • 24英亩
  • 20 different building plots
  • 6 residential plots
  • an estimated 4,000 jobs
The 太阳2首页螺旋 site in the city.


For further information about our work:

电子邮件: info@newcastlehelix.com


太阳2首页 Science Central Management LLP
c / o的核心
太阳2首页 upon Tyne
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