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Ageing and Health


Ageing and Health


Leading globally in ageing research

We are a global leader in ageing research. 我们应对各种与年龄相关的挑战,包括:

  • discovery science
  • ground-breaking translational ageing studies
  • social and economic aspects
  • the built environment
  • innovative products and services
  • policy


Taking our discoveries from lab to the community

我们在老龄化问题上的研究历史和经验让我们对从摇篮到坟墓的问题有了清晰的认识. We have a well-practised ability to take discoveries from the laboratory into the clinic and into the community.

我们应对与人口老龄化相关的国家和全球挑战. We work through our people, our place and partnerships.

Collaboration for improved ageing

Improved ageing starts with collaboration. 我们的NIHR太阳2首页生物医学研究中心(BRC)与太阳2首页医院NHS基金会信托基金合作,由国家健康研究所(NIHR)资助。.

我们在转化研究方面有着悠久的历史. 我们是少数大学和NHS合作伙伴之一,自2007年以来,在每一轮资助中都获得了NIHR BRC地位.

Though there are 20 BRCs across England, 太阳2首页BRC是唯一一家专注于将基于实验室的衰老研究转化为对患者实际和有意义的好处的机构, the public and the health and care system.


We are one of only eight Academic Health Science Centres in the UK. 这意味着我们将该地区的世界级研究、NHS和城市合作伙伴聚集在一起. 该中心是解决保健和社会不平等问题的关键.

在2016年,我们成为第一所成为合作伙伴的大学 International Longevity Centre英国研究长寿对社会影响的专家智库.

Our Future Homes Alliance is developing new housing solutions for our ageing society. The development is an example of sustainable urban housing. Homes will feature innovative designs, 创造灵活的生活空间,以适应居民不断变化的需求. 66 homes are in development at our Newcastle Helix site.

National Innovation Centre for Ageing

We host the National Innovation Centre for Ageing. The team works with businesses to leverage the economic opportunities of demographic change.

The centre is also home to VOICE, a global community of patients, carers and other citizens.

They share their lived experience to focus research and development on needs and priorities.


催化剂大楼是国家老龄化创新中心的所在地. Image credit: Mark Slater

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